Georges Bizet


19.07.2018  Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Shanghai Opera House


Carmen presented at 2018 Saaremaa Opera Festival is coproduced by Shanghai Opera House, Opera Hong Kong and Slovene National Theatre, with Philippe Arlaud as the stage director, set and lighting designer. This production of Carmen premiered at Hong Kong Cultural Center in May 2012 and then had its first debut in mainland China at Shanghai Culture Square in June 2012. It has been performed many times at various major theatres in China and was presented at the Shanghai Grand Theatre in July 2016 as the closing performance of Shanghai Opera House’s 2015/2016 Performance Season. The SOH’s production of Carmen had won great acclaims in China and each performance put up for public sale was immediately snapped up. In 2018 the production is going to be performed by Shanghai Opera House as the opening performance of Saaremaa Opera Festival and the children’s choir of Saaremaa will also participate in the performances, which is undoubtedly worth waiting.

Conductor: Xu Zhong
Director: Philippe Arlaud
Set / Lighting Designer: Philippe Arlaud
Revival Director: Shen Liang
Revival Lighting Designer:Liu Shenhui

Carmen: Carmen Topciu
Don José: Han Peng
Escamillo: Zhang Feng
Micaëla: Xu Xiaoying
Zuniga: Chen Qi
Moralès: Tao Kuo
Frasquita: Ma Qian
Mercédès: Jia Wenxuan
Le Dancaïre: Zhang Lei
Le Remendado: Xu Xiaoming
Lillas Pastia: Li Zaiyao


20.07.2018  Kuressaare Castle open-air stage / 20.00

Shanghai Opera House


Shanghai Opera House Dance Ensemble (SOHDE)
During the past 60 years the Shanghai Opera House Dance Ensemble has been playing an important role in the Chinese traditional dance drama, leaving a great repertoire behind. Among which, Dagger Society is regarded as the foundation and the cast was received by the party and state leaders such as Chairman Mao. This dance drama has accompanied central party leaders such as Zhou Enlai and Liu Shaoqi to visit other countries, and received broad acclaim. A batch of excellent dance dramas such as Lotus Lantern, Banping Mountain, In the Shadow of the Moon, Phoenix in the Qi Mountain, The Fagrance of Lily Magnolia,Legend of Dayu, The Spring and Autumn of Wu and Yue bring up many extraordinary choreographers and performing artists. In recent years, the SOHDE has produced a series of excellent dance dramas, such as Shanghai Style dance drama Zhou Xuan, dance performance Urban Dance, ethnic dance drama In the Shadow of the Moon,modern dance drama Early Spring. And it creates modern dances with epochal features, such as Carmina Burana, People under The Sky, Song of Life, Dance of The Planet, and symphonic dance Leningrad Symphony. Many of them are performed in art festivals both at home and abroad, and have won high praise.

Wen Deqing


21.07.2018 Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Shanghai Opera House


The Wager is an original contemporary Chinese opera in two acts written by famous Chinese contemporary composer Wen Deqing. The story is based on the novel A Gamble on a Snowy Night by Gao Xiaosheng. The opera is noted for its cutting-edge symbolic concept spiced with an allegorical and philosophical touch, as well as its atonal music and unusual monotone.
The Wager premiered at the Amadeus Festival of Geneva, Switzerland in 2003 and won great success instantly. Since then, it has been performed many times in various cities in China such as Beijing and Shanghai. In 2008, invited by Savonlinna Opera Festival of Finland, Shanghai Opera House did the second presentation of the opera on European stage to high acclaim. In May 2017, The Wager, coproduced by Shanghai Opera House and Guildhall School of Music and Drama, had its UK premiere at the Silk Street Theatre in London and was received with warm enthusiasm and great comments among the local audiences.

Libretto / Composer: Wen Deqing
Conductor: Xu Zhong
Director: Chen Xinyi
Set Designer: Gao Guangjian
Costume/Style Designer: Li Ruiding
Lighting Designer: Zhang Shunchang, Liu Shen Hui

The Beggar: Zheng Yao
Squire Zhao: Yang Xiaoyong
Zhao’s Wife: Wang Bihua
Mr. Chen the Witness: Yu Yang
The Beggar’s Wife: Song Qian

Tauno Aints


P 22.07.2018 Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 16.00

Opera choir and symphony orchestra of Vanemuine Theatre


Children’s opera by Tauno Aints

Directed by Marko Matvere

Starring: Pirjo Jonas, Simo Breede, Reigo Tamm, Märt Jakobson, Karmen Puis, Merle Jalakas

Opera choir and symphony orchestra of Vanemuine Theatre

Conductor Taavi Kull


Story of a girl named Juta who lives in the countryside at her granny’s. When Jutta’s sweet little guinea pig Possu falls ill, granny tries to make Juta and Possu feel better. An unbelievably colourful magical world opens up – Juta and Possu have to battle against evil-doers and the just plain weird, win friends, find courage, and it all ends well – that is, Possu gets better.

Google and Moogle yourself into a magical world with colourful adventures, music and theatrical magic! Guugelmuugelpunktkomm is a story about what happens after your switch off your mobile phone.


In collaboration with Vanemuine Theatre

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


25.07.2018 Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Performance in two acts by Hungarian State Opera


Standing at the centre of this opera relating, with scintillating wit, the chaotic events of the “day of madness” and a wedding nearly gone up in smoke are the already familiar and clever barber from Seville and his spirited love, Susanna. But there is also much, much more… Human emotions, desires, dreams and disappointments, which Mozart’s balanced and ornate music depicts not only with irony, but also with humanity.

Judit Galgóczy’s direction focuses on the dynamic and pulsating game of everyone appearing not exactly what they are and desiring something other than what they have…

Director Judit Galgóczy
Conductor Balázs Kocsár
Set designer Attila Csikós
Costume designer Nelly Vágó
Choreographer András Nádasdy


The Count Csaba Szegedi
The Countess Adrienn Miksch
Susanna Rita Rácz
Figaro Krisztián Cser
Bartolo László Szvétek
Marcellina Éva Balatoni
Basilio Tibor Szappanos
Antonio András Hábetler
Cherubino Gabi Balga
Barbarina Nóra Ducza
Don Curzio TBA

Giuseppe Verdi


26.07.2018 Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Performance in two acts by Hungarian State Opera


The sultry atmosphere of intoxicating parties, an unbridled life of luxury, sparkling champagne – and a slow but lethal illness. This was what existence was like for the “lady of the camellias” before her true love walked into her life. La traviata – The fallen woman. The truly sensational theme swept through the art of the 19th century, making a stunningly beautiful Parisian courtesan named Violetta Valéry into one of Verdi’s most famous heroines.

Director………………………….. Ferenc Anger
Conductor……………………….Balázs Kocsár
Set and costume designer…. Gergely Zöldy Z
Choreographer……………….. Marianna Venekei

Violetta Valéry…………………. Polina Pasztircsák
Flora Bervoix…………………… Gabi Balga
Annina…………………………….. Éva Balatoni
Alfredo Germont……………… Gergely Boncsér
Giorgio Germont………………. Zoltán Kelemen
Gastone…………………………… Tibor Szappanos
Baron Douphol…………………. András Káldi Kiss
Marquis d’Obigny…………….. Máté Fülep
Doctor Grenvil…………………. András Kiss

Johann Strauss juunior


27.07.2018  Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Performance in three acts by Hungarian State Opera


On one of his visits to Budapest, the younger Johann Strauss formed an acquaintanceship with the Hungarian writer Mór Jókai, whose global popularity was also considerable; the fruit of their association turned out to be one of the “Waltz King’s” finest operettas: Der Zigeunerbaron, or The Gypsy Baron, with which the 60-year-old Strauss once again captivated the world. One of the work’s virtues is that its music lends itself to the opera stage, with the sounds of the Hungarian csárdás, Gypsy music, the Viennese waltz and weightier melodies all rubbing along together marvellously.

Director………………………….. Miklós Szinetár
Conductor………………………. Domonkos Héja
Set designer…………………….. Balázs Horesnyi
Costume designer……………. Márta Pilinyi
Choreographer……………….. Csaba Sebestyén /based on the choreography by Gábor Mihályi


Sándor Barinkay Gergely Boncsér
Saffi Ildikó Szakács
Czipra Bernadett Wiedemann
Zsupán László Szvétek
Arsena Orsolya Hajnalka Rőser
Count Carnero TBA
Mirabella Éva Balatoni
Ottokar TBA
Count Péter Homonnay Lajos Geiger
Maria Theresa Zsuzsa Csarnóy
Town crier András Hábetler


28.07.2018 Kuressaare Castle Opera House / 20.00

Soloists, opera chorus and symphony orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera

Programme of evergreen opera classics



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